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The Agora Labs G.711 speech codec is a collection of static and dynamic programming libraries that implement the data conversion algorithms specified by ITU-T Recommendation G.711 "Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) of Voice Frequencies."

This implementation provides an easy-to-use API and facilitates the development of speech and voice functionality for telephony, H.323 and multimedia streaming applications. This implementation is written in the "C" programming language and is entirely operating system independent. It does not make use of threads, synchronization primitives, embedded timers, or any other operating system dependent function calls. It was designed with real-time systems in mind, and consequently, all API functions are small, efficient and non-blocking. All these aspects make it highly portable and is an excellent selection for use on embedded platforms.

The API consists of a comprehensive set of routines for both μ-law and A-law algorithms. The API includes: direct conversion routines, one sample per invocation routines, buffer routines which process a complete buffer per invocation, table generation routines, and static conversion tables.