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The SX9600P provides true toll quality at a bit rate of 9600 bps making it ideal for a broad range of applications.

For corporate intranet or extranet applications where quality needs to be preserved, the SX9600P provides quality comparable to G.711 at a fraction of the bit rate. For general Internet applications, this coder provides excellent quality while still enabling speech transmission over either V.34 or V.32bis modems. At V.34 data rates, multiple speech channels or multimedia applications such as simultaneous voice and data may be supported on a single telephone line. The small frame size of the coder provides low end-to-end delay.

A powerful frame reconstruction algorithm yields exceptionally robust performance in the presence of channel errors. The low delay characteristics and good tandeming performance make it ideal for multi-party conferencing. Modest memory and processing power requirements enable implementations of the coder in either Pentium™ or on inexpensive DSPs.