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H.323 Embedded - EX3230S
Protocol Stacks

The following is an abbreviated list of the features supported in the EX3230S H.323 stack. For a comprehensive list, please contact Agora Labs directly.

Stack Features
H.225 Call Signaling H.225 version 5 May 2006
H.225 Annex G (Administrative Domains) Yes
H.235.0 - H.235.9 H.235 Version 4 September 2005
H.235 Annex D (Shared Secret) Yes
H.235 Annex E (Certificates) Yes
H.235 Annex F (Hybrid of D & E) Yes
H.239 (Dual video streams) Yes
H.241 (Advanced Video standards H.264) Yes
H.245 Control Signaling H.245 Version 10 May 2003
H.323 H.323 Version 5 June 2006
H.323 Annex D (Real-time FAX) Yes
H.323 Annex E (Multiplexed call signaling over UDP) Yes
H.323 Annex F (Audio simple endpoint type) Yes
H.323 Annex J (Secure simple endpoint type) Yes
H.323 Annex K (HTTP based service control) Yes
H.323 Annex L (Stimulus control protocol) Yes
H.323 Annex M1 - M4 (Tunneling) Yes
H.323 Annex O (Usage of URLs and DNS) Yes
H.323 Annex P (Transfer of Modem signals) Yes
H.323 Annex Q (Far end camera control) Yes
H.450.1 - H.450.12 (Supplementary Services) Yes
H.460.1 - H.460.21 (Generic Extensible Framework) Yes
H.501 (Mobility Management) Yes
IPv4/IPv6 Yes
Windows 2000, XP, Vista Yes
Desktop/Embedded Linux Yes
Sun Solaris Yes