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H.323 Embedded - EX3230S
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The Agora Labs EX3230S protocol stack is an implementation of the H.323 Recommendation and was specifically designed for embedded processor systems.

Such systems typically rely on lightweight embedded operating systems and require minimal footprint, modularity and integration flexibility. This stack consists of a low-level software API, written completely in the "C" programming language, and provides a collection of H.323 compliant state machines and messaging libraries.

This implementation is unique, in that it is operating system and transport layer independent. It has a small static and dynamic footprint, is reentrant and multithread safe, and is optimized for real-time environments. Consequently, it is highly portable and suitable for a variety of platforms from small hand-held devices to embedded carrier class network elements. This stack is available pre-ported for the Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Sun Solaris platforms. Support for other platforms are available by customer demand.