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It began in 2001 when several Bell Labs engineers gathered for lunch at a "place of popular assembly." While we talked shop, the topic of conversation eventually led to the idea of starting our own company. As we pooled the collective talent and expertise at that lunch table, it became clear that we were gathering technology for our company. Thus, "Agora" is fitting as part of our company name and "Laboratories" reflects our extensive Bell Labs heritage.

Agora Labs is involved in both product development and system integration. We develop, support and market products and technology that enable real-time voice, video and data communications over packet networks, including the Internet, as well as other networks based on the Internet Protocol (IP). We also license Intellectual Property from other corporations. We then integrate and combine together various systems and technologies to form a more complete product solution and bring it quickly to market. We have excellent working relationships with some of the major telecommunication vendors. Please take a few moments to look at the products and services we offer. Then feel free to Contact us. There are many ways we can help you develop your IP-based multimedia products and services.